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Precision Perfected - Fedele Autocore's Expert CNC Machining

Experience unmatched precision and quality with Fedele Autocore’s advanced CNC machining. Our expertise ensures excellence, reliability, and innovation in every automotive component we produce.

Welcome To Fedele Autocore

Leading the Automotive Industry with CNC Machining Excellence

Welcome to Fedele Autocore Pvt Ltd, an automotive industry leader since 2004. As a premier integrated component manufacturer in India, we export to 21 countries. Our North India facilities, specializing in CNC machining, showcase our commitment to excellence. With over 1600 components, our focus on global expansion through technological excellence remains steadfast. Experience GOOD QUALITY & COMPETITIVE COST with Fedele Autocore Pvt Ltd – your trusted partner in CNC machining and automotive excellence.

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Provide Best Services Industries - CNC Machining

Unparalleled precision, reliability, and innovation define our commitment. Experience excellence with Fedele Autocore – your trusted automotive solutions provider.

At Fedele Autocore, we’re proud of our 20+ years of journey mastering precision in crafting automotive components through advanced CNC machining. This expertise ensures the creation of intricate, high-quality parts that elevate performance. Our commitment extends to diverse manufacturing processes—casting for durability, forging for added strength, and sheet metal for efficient designs. Each component is meticulously crafted, exceeding industry standards. With Fedele Autocore, you can trust our comprehensive approach to deliver reliable solutions, meeting the dynamic demands of the automotive sector. Join us in driving innovation and excellence in every mile.

CNC Components

Cnc Components

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Casting Components

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Forging Components

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We Are Open For Opportunities!

Fedele Autocore welcomes opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations for advancing automotive excellence and innovation.

Why Choose Us

We Are Are Leader In Industiral Market

Choose Fedele Autocore for a decade of automotive expertise, superior quality components, cutting-edge technology, and a steadfast commitment to exceeding industry standards. Elevate your journey with our trusted solutions.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control for precision, reliability, and superior automotive components at Fedele Autocore.

Smart Technology

Fedele Autocore pioneers excellence through the integration of intelligent, innovative smart technology.

Our Process

How We Works

Fedele Autocore operates seamlessly, merging creative design, advanced development, and reliable delivery to craft innovative, high-performance automotive solutions with excellence.


Creativity in action, conceptualizing innovative automotive solutions with precision, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal at Fedele Autocore


Transforming designs into reality, leveraging advanced technology and expertise to engineer reliable and high-performance automotive components.


Ensuring seamless delivery, meeting deadlines, and surpassing expectations with a commitment to excellence at Fedele Autocore.


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    Stay informed with Fedele Autocore’s latest news and articles. Explore industry insights, technological advancements, and updates that showcase our commitment to excellence in the automotive sector.

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    Discover a decade of innovation at Fedele Autocore. Celebrating 20 years of global excellence in automotive components, our precision CNC technology sets industry benchmarks. Join us in driving innovation!