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Welcome to Fedele Autocore - Your Trusted Casting Components Partner

We Bring Precision, Reliability, And Excellence To The Forefront As A Leading Provider Of High-Quality Casting Components For Diverse Industrial Needs Across The United States.

We Have A Complete Sand-Casting Solution. Our Fast Production Lines Can Produce All Kinds Of Metal From, Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper And Special Materials Of Metal Parts Products. We Are One Of The Leading Casting Components Company In USA.

We Have Three Furnaces Inductions For Casting :

  • 1- 100 kg capacity
  • 2- 200 kg capacity
  • 3- 400 kg capacity

Short Blasting Machine = 1 NOS

We Do Sand Casting ,And We Already Provide Investment Casting For Some Of Our Customers.

We Can Do Jobs From 500 Grams To 80 Kg. It All Depends On Customer Needs. Our Monthly Capacity Is 20 Tons Which Is Ongoing And We Can Make It To 60 Tons Easily With The Same Setup.

Experience The Pinnacle Of Accuracy With Our CNC Components. We Pride Ourselves On Being A Leading Provider Of Intricately Crafted Parts That Meet The Most Demanding Specifications. Our Commitment To Precision Ensures That Every Component Is Engineered To Perfection.

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Trusted Casting Components Partner

Leading Provider of High-Quality Casting Components

Affordable Excellence for Your Industrial Needs

Looking For Top-Notch Casting Components That Don’t Break The Bank? We Specialize In Delivering Affordable Solutions Without Compromising On Quality. As The Best Casting Components Company For Industrial Applications, We Ensure Cost-Effectiveness Without Sacrificing Performance.

Customized Solutions Tailored for You

With A Commitment To Meeting Your Specific Requirements, We Stand Out As A Trusted Custom Casting Components Manufacturer In The USA. Our Expertise Lies In Crafting Tailor-Made Solutions, Offering Advanced Casting Components That Fit Seamlessly Into Your Industrial Processes.

Industry-Specific Solutions That Set Standards

From Automotive To Aerospace, Defense To Precision Engineering, Our Range Of Casting Components Is Designed To Excel In Diverse Sectors. Count On Us As A Reliable Supplier For The Aerospace Industry And A Provider Of Advanced Solutions For Automotive Sectors.

Unmatched Quality and Precision

When It Comes To High-Quality Investment Casting Components In The USA, Fedele Autocore Pvt. Ltd Takes The Lead. Our Expert Team Ensures Each Component Meets Stringent Quality Standards, Guaranteeing Precision And Durability.

A Range of Materials for Your Needs

As An Expert Steel Casting Components Manufacturer, We Offer Versatile Solutions Using Different Materials. From Aluminum To Steel, Our Catalog Includes A Spectrum Of Materials To Suit Various Industrial Applications.

Fast Turnaround Time, Unmatched Service

Speed Matters, And We Deliver. Count On Us For Precision Casting Components For Defense Applications And More, All With A Commitment To A Fast Turnaround Time. Our Streamlined Processes Ensure Efficiency Without Compromising Quality.

Trust Fedele Autocore Pvt. Ltd To Be Your Reliable, Go-To Partner For All Your Casting Component Needs In The USA. Explore Our Range Of Solutions And Experience Excellence In Every Component We Deliver.

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Discover a decade of innovation at Fedele Autocore. Celebrating 20 years of global excellence in automotive components, our precision CNC technology sets industry benchmarks. Join us in driving innovation!